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Imam Ali Birthday

O Friend We are Ali becomers Travelers on the path of Ali O Friend, God forbid. We are not intimidated by the dagger wound by fettering or we are not afraid of being decapitated Ah Friend We are like running flames, cherubims illuminating the universe, hell swallowers.We don’t give a fig to manking’s gossip We got dressed Ali on us, set off on the path with Ali We’ll stay with Ali for

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Unity Rites

Mawlawi & Alevi semah on the same stage. Plase contact us to visit. Thank you...

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Commemoration For Kerbela

Please contact us to visit Commemoration For Kerbela Martyrs

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Commemoration of Ataturk

Please contact us to see November 10th Commemoration of Ataturk.

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Seb-i Arus

"When I die, when my coffin is being taken out, you must never think I am missing this world. Don't shed any tears, don't lament or feel sorry I'm not falling into a monster's abyss. When you see my corpse is being carried, don't cry for my leaving I'm not leaving, I'm arriving at eternal love."