Look human, God has filled you with a thousand secrets; You’re a mirror, He is the sultan of elegance. My God, Dear God, there’s nothing but You. Look human, whatever’s in the world is in you at every moment; Seek within yourself; become aware of your essence. Look human, you’re the first and last creature in the world; Only you’re on the level with God, His Vicar on earth. Look human, unique creature of heavens and earth, light of the world, All creation sprang from you; you are the Divine Truth. HASAN ÇIKAR DEDE

Prophet Mohammed

Die. Die. Die before you die!
If you die in this love your soul will be renewed.
Die, die, don't fear the death of that which is known.
If you die to the temporal you will become timeless.

Imam Ali

The heart that you can't settle into, doesn't belong to you. If you sincerely desire it, you have to give yours first. That's the rule, give your heart, buy another in return.

Gracious Sems-i Tabriz

Someone asked: "How long the way is from servant to God?"
I replied: "The same from God to the servant."

Exalted Mevlâna Rumî

Love! Fall in love! Choose to be a lover in order to become a choosen one.

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the King of Hearts with his Beloved Exalted Mevlâna Rumî

Don't remain loveless, so that you won't die. Die in love so you' ll stay alive.
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