God Loves Hardworkers

When a person reaches to his own identity, there is no room for fear. He should not deceive himself with prayer, he should not cheat himself with fasting nor with alms. If the prophet Mohammed is not in the heart, all worship is useless, empty. All h

If You Were Bestowed With Deity

Chants! Who is it that you are chanting? God. Do you know who God is? Did you see God? No, I just heard the name. Why didn’t see God? Why didn’t you seek God? He himself tells you this in the last verse of Bakara. Through whom is He telling this

When Sheikh Loves His Disciple

Without Husameddin, the shrine is empty. What a great love, he can’t be without his lover.

Work and Let Every Piece Of You Become Him

Human being owns 4 main secrets: Air, Heat, Water, Earth.

Invocated By Everything

La ilahe illallah. La ilahe illallah. What do you think it means? The universe is empty, but only God. Well, who do they invoke for? They invoke for human, actually…

Imam Azam & The Goat of the Ignorant

The ruler Yezidi sends a message to Bagdad, to Imam Abū Ḥanīfah (al-imām al-aʿẓam‎) – peace be upon him. Abü Hanifah is working there as an imam. He is talking to his community from holy Koran and he is telling the words of Allah, Pr

Human The Living Koran

Look to read… rise your hand and see, your five fingers is read ALLAH.

Assembly of Forty

In the early years of Islam, Imam Ali had found an assembly with another thirty nine followers. This is the story of how Prophet Muhammad tested their competence in the path of unity.

To Reach The Secret Of The Wise

Rumi was Hanafi and his successor Husameddin Chelebi was Shafi. One day Husameddin Chelebi proposes his master to change his sects to get more closer…

The Fate Is Slothful’s Job

The notion of fate is for the lazy human as they take solace in it. When people got frightened Azrail name have been changed