Kırklar Meclisi

İslamın ilk yıllarında Hazret Ali liderliğinde bir Kırklar Meclisi kurulmuştu. Bu, Hazreti Muhammed’in Kırklar Meclisi’nin birlik yolundaki yeterliliklerini sınamasının öyküsüdür.

Assembly of Forty

In the early years of Islam, Imam Ali had found an assembly with another thirty nine followers. This is the story of how Prophet Muhammad tested their competence in the path of unity.

Them Who Set Their Hearts

Our Master Prophet (Peace be upon Him) ate once in three days. He was fasting. Exalted Mevlana ate once in three days. He was fasting too.One day while Mevlana was doing ablution, His ribs came in sight. – His ribs could be counted by finger.He