To Reach The Secret Of The Wise

Rumi was Hanafi and his successor Husameddin Chelebi was Shafi. One day Husameddin Chelebi proposes his master to change his sects to get more closer…

The Fate Is Slothful’s Job

The notion of fate is for the lazy human as they take solace in it. When people got frightened Azrail name have been changed

Crying Prophets Laughing Prophets

To give a heart — Look of Prophets to the temporal world ” There are no humans, but there are a lot of animals in the appearance of human.” John The Baptiste

The Fall of the Castle – Exalted Ümmi Sinan

The divine friendship of a Mevlevi Dervish with Exalted Ümmi Sinan – The deep gnostic of Ummi Sinan who actually seems to be illiterate. He shows to Seyyid Seyfullah who doubts him, the divine vision of falling castle during salaah.

Together With 72 Nations

A message of unity from the Exalted Mevlana Rumi – A Tawhid Story

What is Sufism?

What is Sufism?

God looks small when he appears in the human form

Our Beloved Rumi says something very beautiful: God looks small when he appears in the human form. When He pulls himself out of the human form, then you see His Greatness. He surrounds the whole world. Here goes Rumi: Sultan Veled (Rumi’s son) says