God looks small when he appears in the human form

  • Our Beloved Rumi says something very beautiful:
  • God looks small when he appears in the human form.
  • When He pulls himself out of the human form,
  • then you see His Greatness. He surrounds the whole world.
  • Here goes Rumi:
  • Sultan Veled (Rumi’s son) says: My dear master, excellency, my dad,
  • You are a being full of compassion.
  • When you depart from the world,
  • will this compassion last?
  • Here goes Rumi:
  • “Son, son, son,” he says to Sultan Veled.
  • “Does a sword cut while it’s in its case,
  • Or after it’s pulled out?”
  • He says “Dad my excellence, it cuts only after it’s pulled out.”
  • Rumi says “I’m in my case now.”
  • “I’m in my case, but I already cut.”
  • “After I’m pulled out, I’m compassion from head to toe.”

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