Them Who Set Their Hearts

Our Master Prophet (Peace be upon Him) ate once in three days. He was fasting. Exalted Mevlana ate once in three days. He was fasting too.One day while Mevlana was doing ablution, His ribs came in sight. – His ribs could be counted by finger.He looked at His ribs. A call occurred within Him: “My master Jalaluddin,why have you put your body in this condition? I have entrusted this to you. You should have protected it, but you have not protected it in any way.You have left it uncared too much. ” All your ribs have come in sight. Response of Mevlana (Peace be upon Him) was as follows: Oh God inside me! If I had not put myself in this condition, I would not see You overtly. I have brought myself into this state, ” then I have seen you overtly.” – Why did Exalted Prophet (Peace be upon Him) generate Ramadan? The society would feel hunger and be benefactor for the poor. Because when a person is fasting, – his mind is always busy with bread and food, he thinks them every time. He buys whatever he finds for fast-breaking towards the evening.He is famished insomuch. Then you would be understanding to hungry people and stand out for help. Our Master Imam Ali (Peace be upon Him) always wrapped the bread up in turban, . the bread dried, He did not eat fresh bread.You will say “Should we be like this now?” –  No. – They lived in famine for us –  and for revealing truths. – What did they want from us? – They wanted heart. – No matter in the morning, noon, mid-afternoon, evening or isha, when you pray; –  if you do not think about Our Master Exalted Muhammed during these prayers, –  your prayer will not be deemed valid. –  He says at one point that – “My ummah (religious community of Exalted Muhammed)…” – Ummah. A person cannot be deemed as ummah by five time prayer. –  If there is Exalted Muhammed in his heart, – if he has devoted the most beautiful place in his heart to Him, – if he has been mentioning about Him everywhere, -if he has been praising Him everywhere, – then he is ummah. –  He states that “he praises me everywhere. – Such people precede prophets of all times.”

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