wheat or bounty?”

Yunus comes to visit Haji Veli Bektas.. He asks for some wheat. Because they are out of sustenance, they will grind the wheat, they will make bread to silence their selves.

The Sovereign Haji Veli Bektas asks “ What is it you want, wheat or bounty?” Yunus replies “ I want wheat”. He doesn’t want bounty.

  • “Go get two sacks of wheat from the warehouse”says Haji Veli Bektas

He places the load on his donkey. While going on the road “What in the world “ he says “ would happen if I would have asked for bounty?”. He starts thinking and becomes inspired. “ If you were given the bounty, the graces of God would often show their presence on you.. Oho..You would have so much wheat. But you asked for two sacks of wheat and now you are bountyless!”

He leaves his donkey immediately and he returns half way to Haji Veli Bektas. He comes to his presence again.

  • What’s the matter, why did you come Yunus?

“I brought the wheat” says Yunus, “give me bounty”.

  • “It’s too late”, says Haji Veli Bektas. “Go get you bounty from Taptuk”. He sends him there.

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